Welcome to Your New Life



To increase men involvement in social
projects, outreach, church related
experiences and events on a consistent


To empower men through numerous
social activities, services, and
opportunities, which emphasizes their
importance in the Kingdom of God,
families, and communities.


To help men discover their identify in
Jesus Christ and fulfill their

Connecting & Ministering

Men in Action

Our objective is to meet the growing
needs of the church through service
projects throughout the year.

Social Activities

We will have off-campus and on campus
events to fellowship and build one
another up on our spiritual journey to be
transformed into the image of Jesus


Every 3rd Saturday of each month we
strive to seek and save the lost in our
community by ministering to their needs.


Our newsletter will keep you appraised of upcoming events, as well as daily interaction on our NLT Men's Ministry Group chat on the NLT App which provides inspiration on a continual basis.

Men's Prayer

Every 3rd Thursday we have a virtual
prayer meeting through Zoom to boost your spirtual

Special Services

This division prepares men to participate
in conferences, Men's All Night Prayer,
and 5th Sunday services.

Deacon Advisory Team

The Deacon Board workss to support the church body at large. Providing counsel and experience from seasoned men of God.


Planting seeds for the future

The Greenhouse Pilot Project provides an opportunity for men to learn how to grow
produce through hands on experience.  It enables anyone who wants to learn to grow produce at their home from potted
As a result of both experiences, men will be able to help our community and congregants eat healthier through the NLT Greenhouse Market, as well as generate income from produce sales to meet the growing needs of the ministry.

Upcoming Men's Events