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Serving Our Community

You can make a difference right here in Tampa with NLT’s Community Engagement and Outreach efforts. You don't have to travel abroad to make an impact – explore the opportunities available right in your neighborhood.

Get Involved

Food Bank Assistance

Help us combat food insecurity by volunteering at our food bank. Donations of non-perishable food items and funds go a long way to support those in need. Your efforts will help individuals and families in need by giving them access to nutritious food items and essential pantry staples.

Blanket Drive

Collecting blankets and warm clothing items for individuals facing homelessness or living in temporary shelters is a staple service here at New Life. Your donations will provide comfort and warmth during the cold winter months, helping alleviate life's challenges on the streets. If you are unable to donate monetarily or provide blankets, consider volunteering to distribute blankets to those in need.

Serving the Homeless

From providing hot meals and hygiene kits to offering access to free showers, shelter referrals, and emotional support, your participation can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

Special Opportunities

We care for our community year-round! You can join us as we host and participate in community outreach during specific times of the year to reach our city.

Breast Cancer Walk

Raising awareness to support individuals and families affected by breast cancer is vital. We partner with the American Cancer Society Walk through volunteerism and of course walking. The annual walk brings together survivors, caregivers, and advocates to honor those who have fought against breast cancer and to promote early detection and prevention strategies.

Memorial Day Community Fest

Volunteer at our annual community fest hosting thousands of community members across the Tampa Bay area. From serving free BBQ to hosting carnival games, you can help unify the community and provide hope to every attendee. There are many opportunities for volunteerism and partnership.  

Bibles & Basketball

Participate in basketball tournaments every Saturday night in our Family Life Center organized to promote community engagement and youth development. These events provide a platform for friendly competition and foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and positive social interactions among the participants, resulting in lasting connections within the community

Disaster Relief Efforts

During hurricane season, our facility becomes a shelter for those in need. Assist in disaster response and recovery efforts to help communities affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. Your involvement may include providing emergency supplies, offering shelter assistance, assisting with cleanup and rebuilding efforts, or offering emotional support to those impacted by the disaster.

Ways to Get Involved