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A temporary sacrifice for an eternal reward.

Fasting is a prerequisite for spiritual growth.

We desire to offer up continual incense in our prayers and sacrifice to God via fasting.
The Prayer Ministry facilitates three ways to do this through fasting:

First Wednesday Fast for the Entire Church Body

Every month we will dedicate one day to the Lord with partial fast.
Choose from Juice/smoothie, water only, or Daniel's Fast.
If you'd like a fasting reminder turn on fasting notifications on the NLT App.
Children can fast electronics; Teens can fast electronics along with one sacrificial meal.

365 Fast | Covering Everyday with Prayer & Fasting

We want to cover the entire year with fasting.
Select a date on the calendar to fast from 12am to 11:59 pm the next day. You'll be provided with an email reminder prior to your fast after you sign up.
You can sign up for up to 52 days on this calendar.

Every year the New Life Family of Churches completes three separate 7 Day Fasts. We set aside these 21 days to draw close to God with focused prayer and fasting for the entire family. The week of consecration ends with Family All Night prayer.
Children, youth and adults can fast! Because fasting is a  sacrifice; everyone can participate regardless of where you are in your spiritual walk. The following options are open to you: 
Children (ages 0-12): Electronics
Youth (ages 13-17): Electronics  + one meal a day
Adults (18+): Electronics + one of the following:
  1. Daniel's Fast (see approved food list below)
  2. Juice and/or Smoothies for 7days
  3. Water only from 6am-6pm daily.
  4. Water Only (prayer covering by your pastor is important; be sure to get approval.)

***Sign up for the May 4-11 Sign Up Has Ended. ***

We are fasting as a family and want everyone to stay connected. Let us know you're participating by signing up. You'll be connected to a small group who will support you through your fasting process.

Get tips on preparing meals, devotions and more while getting to know others.
Have a question regarding fasting? Use the form below to ask.
We will answer via a live Q & A Session.