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We're a large church family, but there's always room for you.

"Everyone should aim to know 69 people in the church."

-Bishop Daniel M. Davy.

"Success is a Product of Doing"

-Bishop Daniel M. Davy

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

- Theodore Roosevelt

A Team to Care for you

We are excited to introduce a new and vital initiative within our church community – the Connections Ministry. As we all know, a church is not just a building; it’s a family that supports, prays for and encourages one another on our faith journey. The Connections Ministry has been established with the goal of enhancing our sense of community and support for all members and guests.
Teams and Leadership
Each section within our ministry is now equipped with dedicated section leaders and support teams. These individuals are here to assist and connect with you. Whether you’re in need of prayer, or Bible study, have a personal need, or wish to explore ministry opportunities, they will be your trusted guides.

Proactive Outreach
Our dedicated teams are committed to making our church family even closer. If you happen to miss a service, don’t be surprised if you receive a call from one of our team members checking in on you and offering support. To ensure you receive this care, please make sure our guest services team has your updated contact information.
Take Action
We believe that building a strong church family is a collective effort. Don’t wait for a call to connect; take the initiative yourself. You can initiate contact with your section leaders at any time.

Embrace this opportunity to grow closer as a community, show love and support for one another, and help our church family thrive.

Meet your section leaders (See sanctuary diagram above)

Minister Richard Colhouer &
 Sis. Angelina Colhouer

Minister Ira Easington &
Sis. Coleta Easington

Sections 1 & 3

Sections 2 & 5

Minister Matthew Oneal &
Sis. Kylia Oneal

Sections 4 & 6


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