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Writing Guild

Who We are

The Apostolic Writing Guild’s vision is to create professional and marketable work that will win others to the Lord as well as encourage and strengthen the church body. We invite for all New Life members who seek to develop their writing skills.

What We offer

During regular meetings, Guild members are provided with feedback and suggestions about their writing with publishing being the desired outcome. Publishing may mean getting the work into book form or presenting the work in oral form.

We have an annual reading, where members and non-members are encouraged to share their writing to a larger audience. The event is open to the public. AWG members meet on the second and fourth Saturday of the month off-site. AWG is open to those 12 years old or older and pursuing writing seriously, not only as a hobby.

Get Involved

Those interested are welcome to attend a few meetings to determine whether or not AWG is for them. We do offer mini-lessons on various topics (i.e. a prior lesson focused on memoir writing). Monthly dues are based on whatever a person can afford. In the past, monies collected have gone toward offsetting costs incurred for our annual event.