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New Life Bible Institute

The Ministers in Training (MIT) program is designed to help equip individuals for the work of the ministry. Each step – Local, General, and Ordination – will be approximately 48 hours of classroom instruction.
Further, the Florida District of the United Pentecostal Church International has endorsed the New Life Tabernacle Bible Institute(NLTBI) as a training program that prepares individuals seeking to be licensed. The NLTBI serves the entire Florida District.
Classes are open to everyone. Individuals can register online at (website) or via the Administration at 813.740.1868 (ask for Dionne Kerr) The cost per step (local, general, ordination) is $300.



I. Local License (Hours per Subject)

A. Personal Preparation and Ministry Mindset (2 Hours)
B. Your Call (2 Hours)
C. Personal Evangelism (3 Hours)
D. New Testament Bible Survey (6 Hours)
E. The Geography of the Bible (2 Hours)
F. Hermeneutics (6 Hours)
G. Systematic Theology (5 Hours)
H. The Doctrine of God (3 Hours)
I. Outreach Principles (3 Hours)
J. Leadership Principles 101 (6 Hours)
K. Homiletics (5 Hours)
L. Preparation and Delivery of Sermons (5 Hours)

II. General License

A. Homiletics 201
B. Preparation and Delivery of Sermons
C. Old Testament Bible Survey
D. Leadership Principles 201
E. Systematic Theology 201
F. Ministering In Special Services
G. Conducting the Service
H. Biblical Hermeneutics 201
I. The Life of Christ
J. Ministerial Ethics
K. The Role of Education

III. Ordination

A. The Christian Pastorate
B. Leadership Principles 301
C. Systematic Theology 301
D. Eschatology
E. Doctrinal Preaching
F. The Importance of Good Administration
G. Planting a Church
H. Church Growth
I. The Multicultural Church
J. Man’s Religions
K. Spiritual Gifts
L. Gifts of the Spirit
M. Business 101
N. The Psychology of Counseling
O. Vocabulary and Sentence Structure