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Bible Quizzing

Who We are

Our Bible Quizzing Team’s vision is to promote and foster memorization of the Word of God by instilling self discipline, good study habits, tenets of being a team player and a positive attitude of the winning versus losing dynamics. Our goal is to rank first, second or third in at least three Florida District tournaments and to qualify for both the state and North American Final competitions.

The quizzers are delineated under the following age groups:
Beginners up to age 8
Juniors 9-11
Intermediate 12-14

1ST year quizzers 15-18
Experienced 15-18.
(Must meet age requirement by 12/31)

What we offer

Each team participates in district tournaments through the season that runs from January through August. Dates and locations of quiz tournaments are determined by the Florida District and provided late fall for the upcoming quiz season.

In preparation for tournaments, the Bible Quizzing leaders create an atmosphere where quizzers can learn through creative play and rewards for mastering their materials. Students also participate in friendly, in-house competitions and planned social events throughout the year.

Get Involved

Children and youth desiring to get involved should have a strong desire to learn, be highly motivated and have a desire to do well in tournaments. Practice sessions are held every Saturday morning from 8-11am and every other Sunday afternoon from 2-6pm. An orientation class is open to all interested quizzers every September.

Training is an ongoing process that involves students, coaches as well as parents. Intermediate and Experienced students must commit to learn at least 15 scriptures per week. Beginner and Junior quizzers will be required to learn 10 per week. Parents must be responsible for seeing that the student masters the assigned material. Our coaches work with the quizzers to ensure that they have mastered their material. Periodic training workshops are conducted to help new and experienced coaches as well as parents learn the dynamics of bible quizzing.